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Tomatito is the casual little brother of El Willy in Shanghai, created by the Spanish chef Willy Trullàs Moreno.

Inspired by the Spanish bars from the 80's with a modern twist reflecting what the designers are doing in modern Spain nowadays, with 3 locations across Asia the decoration reflects an evolution of the concept in each restaurant with a sexy common note.

The arrival of the concept to Ho Chi Minh started not only a culinary revolution with the recognition from the local press and winning awards in chef and restaurant of the years but also in its design created by Max (Willy's brother) .

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The menu takes classics from the Spanish cuisine such as tapas, rice dishes like Paella, fish, meat and vegetables and SEXY tapas “two fingers one bite” creative dishes which are always fun to eat and delicious to the palate.

We always work with local producers to keep the maximum quality, freshness and other items we import from Spain like the famous Jamon ibérico.

With all the necessary ingredients to create a memorable meal, family, fun and excellence Tomatito it’s the perfect destination for a real good time bringing the sexy part of Spain to our cities in Asia.